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Default Manheim buy fees are getting ridiculous.

I don't buy really cheap cars very often but one caught my eye this week and I got it for $525. When I go to pay, I see it has a $155 buy fee on it. That's THIRTY freakin percent! I understand low sale prices mean the buy fee is a higher percentage of the price, but this is ridiculous. And it's nearly impossible to get a list of their fees so you know before bidding what to expect. I was thinking cars under $500 might be $60-$75, and those $500 to $1000 could be $75-$100, but not this high. I was able to get $30 knocked off by an assistant manager but he said it would be a one time goodwill thing. I can image this will reduce the sales of all lower priced cars once buyers see how much these new fees are.
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It's been years since I have attended an auction but I would think it should be pretty easy to get a schedule of the fees charged. I've got to believe the front desk would have them available. And not to be smart but what did you buy for $525.00? I'm curious because I've had people ask "What happened to the cars we use to get for 500.00?" and I say they are 2000.00!
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Up until a few years ago they did print them out and made them available. No more. Got this 57,000 mile Cadillac.

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