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One more thing that I have forgotten...

Ask your warranty admin if there have been any $0.00 claims or $0.01 cent claims posted to the warranty schedule. With ADP you can perform a 50/50 co-op split on the payment split screen when in PFC. The theory is:
- The parts dept billed a part at 15% bumped MSRP price matrix.
- The advisor incorrectly quotes a repair to a customer or offers a discount to a customer.
- The advisor converts the entire job (line of RO) to "W" warranty.
- This discounts all parts to warranty pricing
- Then the advisor goes into co-op payment split screen and puts 99% of the total to customer pay and 1% to warranty. ( I believe it can be done as a monetary dollar amount and not as a percentage also, but you would need to verify...) and that is why the warranty administrator would see a 0.01 cent claim.
- Ultimate, the advisor covers for his mistakes and short-falls while at the same time, screws the dealer.
Of course, I am sure this is NOT happening if the advisor is NOT getting paid on warranty claims. In any case, I am also pretty sure that this whole statement is just a good FYI for you because I highly doubt any of this is what you are experiencing.

Good Luck!:gunner:
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