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Default Future Product for Ford

If there's one thing that almost everyone in the car business can agree upon, it's that nothing revitalizes a franchise like a few hot products.

With that said, what does Ford have planned for the near future?
Model Year: 2009
  • New Ford F-150 Truck
  • Possible elimination of the Ranger pickup
  • New Ford Flex - three row wagon with available AWD
  • Redesigned Ford Fusion - hybrid version may be available in calendar 2009
Model Year: 2010
  • Refreshed Ford Expedition
  • Possible elimination of the Taurus X
  • Refreshed Ford Edge
  • Reskinned Ford Mustang
  • Redesigned Ford Taurus
  • New sub-compact offering - Ford Fiesta?
  • New Ford Transit Van imported from Turkey
Model Year: 2011
  • Refreshed Ford F450 Super Duty Truck
  • New Ford Explorer and elimination of Explorer Sport Trac
  • Redesigned Ford Focus
Model Year: 2012
  • New Ford Escape
  • Redesigned Ford Mustang
Is there anything that's missing?

Please feel free to add a post to make an addition or correction.
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Default Ford's CEO on CNBC - Good Interview

I just watched the CNBC interview with Ford's CEO, Alan Mulally - he did a good job.

He indicated that he didn't see an end to the slowdown in auto sales until there is home price stabilization. He hopes for a stronger second half of 2008, but when pressed said that he's not predicting one.

It seems that a lot of the product that Ford has in the pipeline is from Europe where they've had to contend with high fuel prices for years.

Mr. Mulally came across as very positive and confident. The tone of the interview stood in contrast to yesterday's interview with Chrysler's top three executives.

Here's a link to the CNBC interview: http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/play...nce&ch=4043681
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