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Default Cool Smartphone Apps - Both Car Related and Non-Car Related

For those of you who follow the forum it's no secret I bought my first smartphone about three months ago and I'm still loving my Droid X - these things are awesome.

I figured I'd create this thread to share some of the smartphone apps I've found that I really like - both car related and non-car related. Hopefully others will share some of their favorite apps too.
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Default ESPN Bowl Bound for NCAA College Football

I read about the ESPN Bowl Bound app on AndroidCentral earlier this week and decided to download it since the reviews were mostly favorable.

In four words, this app is awesome.

The app has everything a NCAA College Football fan could want right in the palm of your hand. The best part is the app lets you select your favorite team so you can all of the information you crave. It has everything - schedules, scores, rosters, videos, highlights, etc.

The other thing I think is cool is some of the ESPN staff predict which teams will play in the post-season bowl games. (Alabama vs Oklahoma is the popular choice for the National Championship.)

Here's a screen shot for the app:

Here's the QR Code for Android users who want to download the app - It's free:

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Default I've been using Google Keep and think it's awesome

Well this thread is over two years old and I figured I'd give it an update since I've been using Google Keep on a more frequent basis.

Google Keep is essentially an easy to use application for keeping notes and creating lists. I use it almost everyday to remind me what I need to buy at the supermarket, Home Depot, etc.

What makes Google Keep really awesome, in my opinion, is that the data is kept in the "cloud" and Google automatically syncs all of your connected devices. Even better, there's a desktop plug-in that allows you to create/edit your lists on your desktop or laptop computer.

I often create "To Do" lists or shopping lists on my desktop computer and then view them on my smartphone throughout the day. No more trying to type a long list using the screen of your smartphone.

Google Keep is FREE on the Play Store and is available for Android devices.
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ACE via Rout One has a mobile app, you can see credit apps and contract status on the go.
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Default iPhone 5S and MS one Note

I use Microsoft One Note on my iPhone (Free as well for iOS mobile devices).
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