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Moshe @ Performance Brokerage Services
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Default Gresham Nissan, Oregon

After 4 years we have finally closed on the sale of Gresham Nissan in Gresham Oregon. The seller was Tony DiVito and the buyer was Josh Griffin from WY. We are confident that Josh will turn the acquisition into huge success. We extracted the Nissan from a dualed situation with Subaru and relocated it to the shut down Saturn facility near by.

For the full press release: http://goo.gl/zUvDe

Moshe Stopnitzky, President
Performance brokerage Services, Inc.

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Thanks for the update and congratulations for putting together a deal that's been in the works for four years.

I read the press release and was intrigued by the challenges you and the seller had to overcome as it related to splitting a dualed franchise where one of the OEMs had more control due to existing flooring agreements and real estate loans.

I also thought it was interesting you commented the recession actually helped facilitate this deal because it was easier to find an under-utilized dealership facility allowing you to split-up the dual because each OEM is demanding a separate facility.
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