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Default Takata Air Bag Inflator Recall

Hey guys, recently our parts department has been swamped with the recent airbag inflator recall effecting so many Hondas. I was just wondering what you guys were doing to keep things straight when it comes to ordering, storing, and distributing the parts as the appointments come in. Of course this recall really took off the week we moved into our new facility, so add that into the stress of moving and reorganizing a parts department and you can see how things can get confused and mislabeled. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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GM dealer here.

During the recalls for the key cylinders, we put one person in charge of ALL ordering, and labeling the parts when they arrived, and notifying the service advisors. It really helped to keep it to ONE person that knew what was going on, and where things were.
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kfish - First post - Welcome to DealershipForum

There are not too many Honda/Acura Parts Managers on the forum but I think you can learn a lot from the experience gained by the GM Parts Managers who are still dealing with the Ignition Switch recall.

The advice tnpartsguy provided is right on and I also remember reading a post from another GM Parts Manager who recommended holding a small number of parts back to deal with problem customers who might be creating headaches for the Service Department or the Sales Department.

Also, even though your dealership is likely paying thousands of dollars for your DMS, it seems that most dealerships found that tracking their customers who had recall parts on order was best done with a simple MS Excel Spreadsheet.
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