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Default same day initiative

Could someone explain this to me. What it is and how it benefits us? parts/service
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Not enough space in here to explain this debacle. I'd recommend reading up on it on Global and then coming back here with some questions

Here's a link to something on Global - hope link works but probably already have to be signed in anyway -


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I'm not a GM dealer, never been, and clicked on the link and it came up! WOW, 30 pages and I scrolled through it and how ANYONE could make heads or tails out of that mess is beyond me. I feel sorry for you guys! Good Luck.
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Quick answer - it benefits GM only.

Longer answer, it makes it harder to repair a customer's vehicle, and it makes it very hard to control the mess called RIM. They basically want to add MORE parts to your inventory, if you say no, if you order it for a customer later, it counts against you, even if you only sell one a year. Gone are the days of actually stocking what sells, if you sell ONE of what GM has decided is Stata A, you have to stock it. Then they decided that anything you bought from ACDelco was being disloyal.

I could go on, but i know everyone is tired of hearing me gripe about it.
It's basically a program to force you to use GM parts on GM cars, and to buy them direct from GM.
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I'm a Chrysler guy, but I can tell you from experience...any "program" they come up with is designed to benefit them greatly and benefit you just enough for you to snap the carrot they're dangling.
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