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Default Michigan Secretary of State closes Lansing Used Car Dealership

News reports indicate that the Michigan Secretary of State has closed two used car dealerships in Lansing. For the full report - click here

The closing of the two dealerships caught my attention for a couple of reasons:

First, it appears that University Motor Mall and their sister store must have been somewhat notorious in the Lansing area given their goofy car commercials - the news report above includes a YouTube link.

Second, I was somewhat surprised to read that the Secretary of State has already closed 13 dealerships in Michigan this year. To the extent new and used vehicle sales remain at record levels I'm surprised there were that many closing.
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I have some pretty close ties to mid-Michigan -- and if I remember correctly, the Lansing location on Cedar St. was a Kia dealership in the not too distant past. From some Googling it looks like the family that owned the Kia dealership moved it to a new facility, and that's often when interesting things happen... I don't know anything about University Motor Mall, but if I were a used car dealer not titling and registering cars in Michigan I don't know if I would be doing it 9 miles away from the administrative offices for the Michigan Department of State...
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