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Angry Sign company unpaid.

I am having some sign work done by a friend of mine that owns the local company that was contracted by Chrysler to take down my Jeep sign. We were talking and I asked how long it took to get paid for the Jeep work. I was shocked to hear that he was stiffed by them, never paid for the work! Evidently the company that arranged all the sign work went bankrupt. Do you see a trend here? With only 4 days until the 3rd anniversary I can't believe I keep hearing things that just make me more angry! I would love to hear if anyone else has a similar story.
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Sorry to hear your friend never got paid for the work he did.

To your question, I don't think there are too many examples where vendors who were dealing with the NEWCO version of Chrysler were left without payment. That said, I don't know how big the intermediary company was which ended up going bankrupt. It's possible there were other local sign companies that got stiffed.

On a different note, I'm no attorney, but what would have prevented the local sign company from filing a lien against your property for unpaid services? (Most likely because you're his friend but I've heard of homeowners who end up getting sued by subcontractors that were never paid.)
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