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Default New Honda Parts Manager

Hello all, I've recently taken over from our old parts manager. I was the assistant manager for about a year and a half prior to this and have worked in parts since 2013.

Although our parts department runs very smoothly and is profitable, my predecessor left me in the dark on a lot of the very important stuff such as reading the financial statements, calculating break even points, viewing total parts inventory etc.

I guess what I am looking for is a little guidance on how to really see what I have going on in my department so I can grow the business as much as possible. I realize there aren't many Honda/Acura people on this forum but I'm hoping some of the GM guys can chime in as I'm sure many of you have taken over in a similar situation. Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to DealershipForum and thanks for the introduction post.

The forum has been pretty quiet lately but there are a lot of great people who still drop by and respond to threads with questions.

If you have some questions regarding financial statements or various reports and benchmarks feel free to create a new thread. As you mentioned while there are not any other Honda/Acura Parts Managers who are active many of the parts metrics are the same regardless of franchise.
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DEALERSEDGE DOT COM look under free stuff, there are several good reports and calculators there.
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I'm a former Honda PM, but I can tell you that Honda Motor Co. has some of the best training for PM there is out there. A few years ago they offered a Parts Financial Management workshop, they went into detail on how to read the financial statement and ways to impact the business. I would recommend getting signed up for those. Honda also had a M.A.P. program (Management Action Program) not very many PM did it, but it has great information and you're able to access it through I.N. Honda's web training is a joke, but their webinars and workshops are well worth it, even if you have to pay for it out of your pocket, they are worth it.

"reading the financial statements, calculating break even points, viewing total parts inventory etc." Financial Statements= see below, viewing total parts inventory=It depends on your DMS, each is a little different. May want to start by asking a thread that is visited more if anyone has X for a DMS, then start asking the information your looking for. Additionally, a lot of DMS systems have books or online training resources you may want to look into reading up on.

Feel free to message me. I've been away from Honda for 4 years now, but I'll help anyway I can.
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