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I do believe that Alfa is at least on pace for 1200 units this year now ... 108 units in January, makes for a pretty big percentage increase over last January.

Honestly, The Giulia is a very nice vehicle. I've been up close and personal with the Quadrifoglio trim and the more basic TI trim twice now. Not a vehicle that 99.98% of US consumers will ever be in the market for, but not egregious in terms of quality or price point. Just a limited interest vehicle.

I don't think Alfa is a bright spot to spend tons of marketing dollars, but what do we know. I do know that our district (largest in GLBC) sold a total of 1 Giulia in December and 0 in January.

Fast forward a few years and I wouldn't be surprised if we all had Fiat and Alfa in our stores. I have noticed a trend of small-market CDJR stores adding Fiat in the last few months. Not sure of the details, but a GLBC dealer who added Fiat mentioned that they cannot drop Fiat unless FCA pulls the plug on selling them in the states or the dealer throws in the towel on the CDJRF franchise. Anyone else have some knowledge on this?
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John Schutz
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Ah Yes1 Tom Papart and Bubba and Uncle Lee Iacoca.. If Serigo would get his head out of his ASS. All the Fiat 5oo a dodge Colt the sales would break the bank. Keep the Town and Country as as the top of the line Dodge Caravan. Keep the Dodgge Ram pickup, not Ram So glad I'm gone. Still love my Jeeps.
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