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Default Connecticut to reward dealers that sell Electric Vehicles

I was surfing Flipboard on my smartphone over the weekend and saw a headline that caught my attention - Rewarding Dealers Who Sell Electric Cars: Connecticut Takes The Lead... For the full report - click here

While the headline was intriguing a review of the actual story revealed there were very few details concerning the program that had been released and it's likely the "reward" will be limited to recognition.

What I did find interesting was the statement that it takes three to five times as long for a dealership to sell an electric car. I had never heard that statistic before but I don't find it too surprising given that most customers would have more questions/concerns when purchasing an electric vehicle contrasted to a gasoline vehicle they're already familiar with.

I wonder it salespeople and/or dealers are less reluctant to push electric vehicles because they know the sales process will be more lengthy?
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