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Default Four New York Dealers sue Chrysler over the opening of a new Chrysler Dealership

A report in Automotive News indicates four Chrysler Dealers in upstate New York are suing Chrysler because the manufacturer issued a new dealer point in a market that already had significant Chrysler representation.

For a company that was determined to kill-off 789 of their dealers because they stated it was the only way they could survive it seems odd that Chrysler's now getting sued because they want to add dealer points.

Why does Chrysler want to add a dealer point in upstate New York? Were the terminated OLDCO dealers offered a chance for this point?

The dealership in question, Lia Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram is currently operational and the dealership was also included in the lawsuit.
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Default Where's the Arch.....?

I did a little more digging and found a report from the local newspaper, The Times Union. Here's a link to the report - click here

The part I thought was interesting is Auburn Hills was so eager to get a new dealer in this market that they're allowing him to operate out of a temporary facility until he can build his new facility. That seems to be a better deal than the dealers who won their Arbitration Case against Chrysler got - in those cases I seem to recall the dealer had to build a conforming facility first and then they got their dealer code.

A final point that intrigues me is this seems to be an instance where Auburn Hills is convinced their path to success requires them to award dealer points to dealers who already have competitive franchises. Maybe I'm wrong, but I get the impression Auburn Hills would rather award a new point to a dealer who owns 10 competitive franchises instead of a single point CJDR dealer who has supported Chrysler for generations.
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Again .No nada no nyda , no representation .
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Jeff Duvall
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NADA;spanish translation, nothing.
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While I'm not that familiar with the market in New York, I heard that the state has a "six mile law" and the location of the dealership that Chrysler just approved may be within six miles of an existing CJDR dealership.

It sounds like this battle will have to be settled in court but I do wonder why Chrysler decided they needed a new store that's within six miles of an existing store given the hard core stance they've taken with the 789?
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