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Default How do high FICO customers respond to FCA's low FICO Incentives?

As I mentioned in another thread my father is interested in finding a vehicle that's easier for him to get in and out of and he seems to have landed on the Dodge Journey.

My father's search is now focused on the 2017 Journey because for some reason it appears his $1,000 USAA Incentive can only be used on the 2017 Journeys, not the 2018s.

The question for this thread, however, is how are high FICO customers responding to FCA's low FICO incentive?

For those who may not know the background, currently FCA is offering an extra $1,250 rebate to customers who have a FICO score of 620 or below. In my Dad's eyes it's a program where people with good credit subsidise people with crappy credit and it has somewhat soured him on buying a new Dodge Journey.

I understand what FCA is trying to do and using an aged vehicle like the Journey to market to the subprime segment makes sense but I'm surprised FCA didn't structure the incentive differently so they wouldn't potentially alienate customers who wouldn't qualify for the low FICO score incentive.

So, has there been any pushback from the 620+ FICO customers or is it mostly a non-issue?
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