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Default GM Parts direct!!!!!!!!

I have never posted on here, but have read a lot and got some good insight on things. Now I have a question for you all, How are you coping with this GM Parts direct. I know it has been around awhile, but it seems almost every 3rd customer we are dealing with is asking for part#s, so they can go online and buy there. I have refused to give out numbers over the retail counter or phone, and people get really aggressive with us. They think because it says"GM" we have something to do with it. I am wondering how you guys are handling these situations, and how are we supposed to compete when GM Parts direct is selling parts for around 10% over.
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I have spoken about this in a previous post, I'll be happy to give my two cents worth.
Unfortunately, our world contains lots of "dealership haters". Not giving out a part number to a customer is yet another reason for that person to speak badly of the dealership.
The way I see it, I have helped the person out now, and maybe somewhere down the line that person will be stuck to get something and he/she will think of my place first.

As far as pricing goes, if asked why the difference my usual reply is "I do not charge shipping and/or duty (from Canada here), I will accept returns if it is not an electrical item, and I can have your part here tomorrow."

As I have said in the past, dealerships generally get a bad rap as far as parts go, no need to give the customer yet another reason to be pissed off at us.
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I'm on the list of dealerships to hate. The dealer bought into revolution parts, and set the highest markup to 10%. I shipped a $909 parts yesterday and made a whopping $56 on it. And that's before pay pal fees.

I'm not giving out the website to ANYONE.
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Belive me I
uderstand about not wanting to give them another reason to bad mouth us, but the ones that get all upset are the ones that already hate and bad mouth us, they are the ones that only come here because the napa or autozone down the street can't figure out what the customer needs. They will tell the customer to come up here or call us and get the number so they can cross it. I also have people throw it right I our faces that "all I want is the part number so I can go online and buy it, I'm Not paying your price." This is why I can no longer justify giving out part numbers. I thought long and hard about this over the weekend and made my decision. By the way the owner sides with me. I had this happen 4 times last friday, that's what brought this to a boiling point with me. thanks for letting me vent and get your opinion.
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we try to keep the sale by discounting our retail by 15%, and let the that were not as large as these other dealerships, and do not purchase in the volumes that these other dealerships do, so we can not discount as much as they can. Surprisingly we do tend to get the sale about 40% of the time. I may also guilt them a little by letting them know that buying from us is supporting local business, which is very important in a smaller community. But for those people who are just being jerks about getting the part number I just give them a quote number and tell them that if they need to pick the part up or order it from us just bring in the quote number and we can order up their items after they pay for them.
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If a customer wont take no for an answer, ill give em an old number if i can
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