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Default Tire works

Need some help. We are having an issue with tire works tires. When my parts sell them on a service ticket it gets but in as a 570a/570c/130, but the. There hit accounting we have to move the sell manually to 590a/590c/133 so it wil show on the statement as a tire sale. But our issue happens when we move it in our dms. How does your dealership sell tire works tires? And how does Chrysler track those sale I know but part number but do you 130 them or 133?

It's driving my Accoutning staff nuts
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I want to make sure I understand your question - are you concerned how the tire sale should be accounted for so it shows up on the Financial Statement or are you concerned about how Chrysler will track the tire sales for your store so you get proper credit?

If your question concerns the Financial Statement, my bet is the majority of Chrysler's dealers leave that line that pertains to Tire Sale blank. I could be wrong, but I know in the old days so few dealers sold tires that most never broke the sales out so they'd appear on the Financial Statement.

If your question concerns how is Chrysler going to track the Dealership's tire sales - that's a great question. I know there have been times in the past when Auburn Hills ranked the Zones or BCs based on data derived from the Dealers' Financial Statement and the DMs were responsible for working with the Dealerships to make corrections to their Financial Statements. While Chrysler clearly knows how many tires they sell to your store it's possible they're also concerned about how many tires your store is selling to your customers.

Hopefully one of our members with more experience will share their thoughts.
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all my tire sales are going to 590/130. have never used 133 and have not been called down for it by Chrysler
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