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Default GM part number supersessions

Has anyone else had issues with supersessions from GM?

About 3 months ago we switched to a new DMS called PBS. I have noticed that quite a few part number supersessions are not being recognized for lack of a better word to use.
The issue is that we order a part, and because our DMS is not superseding the part, when I receive my answer back I find that the part has superseded to parts that we have on the shelf. Some have superseded 6-8 months ago and some year ago. Which can now on these parts I have in my inventory may not be RIM protected until I sell the special ordered part and my in stock parts. Not to mention that we could have repaired customers vehicles the same day, and possibilities of price discrepancies among other things.

I have contacted our new DMS and they tell me that all that is driven from GM's parts master updates that GM provides to them, which I already knew. I also have been in contact with GM but they have no answer for me either.

Just really curious if anyone else has seen an influx of this in the past 2-3 months with other DMS's?

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