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Default Fleet Ram's? I've heard this before.

Well looks like FCA is up to the same old tricks, not that there are any new ones. Auto Snooze is reporting that Ram is paying spiffs to US dealers that will put Ram trucks into their loaner fleet and count them as retails. Since Auto News BANNED me a while ago I cannot even read the 3 free articles you are supposed to get. Oh well, I'd rather hear it from a dealer on the forum anyway. I know you guys can be trusted. So has anyone heard of this deal??
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Deal is true, they used to not count Rams for stairstep and very little money in their loaner car program. Now they have boosted the money and count (but not pay) for the VGP program
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will "sales bank " units be far behind? oh, and lets make a deal on how much we pay you per unit depending on how many you take?
and when will jim press come back telling us its "gods work to take more units".
hoping these rememberances are only ancient nightmares.
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They have sweetened the pot on some of the Courtesy Transportation Programs this month. We don't have Ram so not a concern for us, but just trying to pump more metal out there on paper.

Ram Objective Based Program
Effective for the month of April all Courtesy Transportation units will be no-pay counters toward
core objective attainment
› Previously, the Courtesy Transportation units were no-pay, non-counters toward core objective attainment
The impact of MPL on VGP objectives also changed effective this month, so a reasonable number of stores are now paying a 5% to 10% VGP penalty for MPLs of 75-89% and 90-99% respectively. At the end of the day, not a huge penalty -- but this month we have seen our largest 100% VGP ever, even with fewer selling days than a normal April. Again, I don't make excuses but this is definitely going to separate us from our VGP objective my a bit more than usual.

As for sales bank units, I'm not sure how much it's going on in other parts of the country, but in the GLBC we regularly get pushed to take units that are D1 or beyond. At least the stuff they are pushing are generally strong lease units for the Detroit and Toledo markets but occasionally we get put together like with a Renegade Latitude stock and promote last year.

I think this will be an interesting year for FCA when it comes to the future of the company and the future of ownership. A lot of volume pieces like the Journey and Grand Cherokee are getting pretty long in the tooth... so we shall see.
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