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Default EPA QR Codes appearing on 2013 Monroney Labels

While I'm not sure when the OEMs will be required to comply, I noticed that the 2013 Monroney Labels for the 2013 Toyota and Ford vehicles on display at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Orange County had QR codes from the U.S. EPA.

Here's a picture of a portion of a Monroney Label from a 2013 Toyota Prius:

If you scan the QR code with your smartphone you'll be taken to an EPA website that provides additional information about the vehicle's fuel mileage, emissions, cost of operation, etc.

One section I noticed was titled "Reported by Drivers Like You" that lists the range and average fuel economy which apparently were reported by people who already owned the vehicle. While I'm all for the dissention of information, I'm not certain how the EPA gathers this information or what safeguards are in place to ensure that a vehicle isn't "spammed" with incorrect information that either improves or worsens the vehicle's reported performance.

Overall, I love new technology and I think this is a good use of a QR code.
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Smile OEMs get to keep their QR codes too

OK, I'll admit I would have lost money on this bet.

When I first heard that the U.S. EPA wanted to use QR codes on the Monroney Labels I assumed they would tell the OEMs they could no longer place QR codes on the Monroney for fear of confusing the customers. Well, based on the following picture it appears I was wrong.

The picture above is the Monroney Label from a 2013 Ford Edge and I've placed a red box around the EPA QR code and a yellow box around the Ford QR code.

I'm happy to see that the OEMs can continue to use QR codes on the Monroney Labels and I hope one day the OEMs use their QR codes to help de-mystify the various sales incentives that are offered on vehicles so the customers can become more trusting of the dealership sales staff.
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