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Default Favorite Lee Iacocca Quotes

Would anyone like to share their favorite quotes? I remember some pretty awesome ads from back in the early '80's into the '90's, and Lee was a huge inspiration to me when I first got into this business back then.
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I've always thought the Iacocca commercials were awesome.

One of my favorites was the "Lead, follow or get out of the way" commercial that showed the demolition of the old Jefferson Assembly Plant and featured the new Dodge Viper.

That was back in 1992 - the beginning of what would prove to be a great wave of prosperity for Chrysler and their dealers. Wouldn't it be great to have a product pipeline like this:
  • 1992 - Dodge Viper
  • 1993 - LH Cars and Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 1994 - BR Ram Truck
  • 1995 - PL Neon and JA Sedan
  • 1996 - New Minivan
  • 1997 - ?
  • 1998 - Dodge Durango
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Default The disconnected odometer controversy

This may be a memory test for some of our members, by I remember a commercial that Iacocca did addressing a controversy where Chrysler disconnected odometers for vehicles that were being tested overnight by Assembly Plant Managers.

It was also determined that some of these vehicles were in involved in accidents and Chrysler fixed them and sold them as new.

I remember the commercial where Iacocca described the first action as "dumb" and the second action as "downright stupid." It was refreshing to see Chrysler accept responsibility for their mistakes and state publicly that they'll never happen again.

As always, Iacocca was the perfect spokesman and delivered the message like no one else could have.

Corporate responsibility - what a concept....
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