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Default Dealer.com

Any thoughts or experience with Chrysler Digital advertising upgrades? We've shifted away from print and radio and are trying some SEM / SEO plans. The Dealer.com plans are also PAP reimbursable.
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I made a big increase in spending with Dealer.com managed SEM earlier this year. We have used managed SEO from Dealer.com for about four years, as well. In the 5-6 months since we upped our SEM spend with Dealer.com, the managed SEM product has done from being a negligible amount of our traffic (previous budget $1,000/mo) to driving about 15% of our traffic -- an increase of ~60% in referrals from managed SEM.

Our cost per lead/conversion has bounced between $30-$40 per since we increased our spending, but even at a much higher cost per lead than, say, third party leads, I think this is money much better spent. At least the leads are VIN specific, the prospects have been directed right to our website, so a much better chance of a conversion.

At the same time we made these changes, we cut Chrysler Digital 3rd party leads back to the minimum allowed for a D store -- which happens to be 80 leads per month.

I have also had some early success using Dealer.com Digital Retailing. It is not yet PAP eligible, but Dealer.com has had some "buy three-get three" month specials" -- at least when we signed up. In July we had 235 customer interact with our Digital Retailing desking tool, and 76 completed a structure/trade appraisal/credit app using the tool. I have only had digital retailing live on the website since late May, but so far it is worth the investment... but a lot will also come down to how comfortable you are having customers "desk" their own payment via the website.

If you want any more specifics just let me know or send a PM... but nothing too earth shattering to share, so might be best to leave everything public.
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