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Introductions Did you just join our community? Post here and introduce yourself where do you work and what do you do?

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Default Greetings from Edmonton, Alberta...

Hello, Everyone, but especially Hello to all Chrysler Dealers on this forum:

I am a manufacturer of an aftermarket engine thermostat assembly for the V.M. Motori R428 engine found in the 2005 - 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD. To the best of my understanding I am the only aftermarket manufacturer of a thermostat assembly for this engine in the entire world.

I became a manufacturer of this obscure part out of necessity, as I am the owner of no less than 2 Liberty CRD vehicles and Chrysler's O.E. thermostat assembly is...

1) ...very expensive to purchase and install, taking way more time than a normal thermostat valve to replace. If done through a dealer, you are looking at a $400.00 repair bill each time they are replaced. Please keep in mind that my estimations are based on the cost at a Canadian dealership. I am aware that the costs in the U.S. are lower, but the expense to change out a thermostat assembly on a R428 engine is still cost prohibitive. This may make some dealers smile, but it REALLY upsets CRD owners who sprang a lot of extra $$ to purchase a vehicle that was supposed to be economical to run. This situation does nothing to engender brand loyalty!

2) ... a poor quality part. They fail on a regular basis - about every 60,000 kms or so; this is a failure rate higher than average for an engine thermostat valve.

3) ... designed to open up at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. This is too low a temperature for any modern internal combustion engine, and way too low for a turbo-diesel engine, (ask your diesel technicians about this; I am sure that they will agree). Today's engines are designed run hotter because it is desirable to do so, (better power, fuel efficiency, and to allow pollution control systems to work properly), and because modern engine oils are formulated to easily withstand hotter running temperatures. Running a cool engine, especially in winter, gums up pollution control systems and engine intakes because the engine cannot properly burn the pollutants off. As a result, you lose power, fuel economy, and reliability.

The cool running R428 engine problem is the next biggest issue, after the pollution control system itself, which Liberty CRD owners have to face. No other problems this vehicle has come even close to these two issues.

The reason for joining DealershipForum.com is to promote my engine thermostat assembly to dealers who service the Liberty CRD and are having trouble finding a solution to keep a running R428 engine up to proper operating temperature.

My engine thermostat assembly is a completely new re-designed unit with a removable cap that takes care of ALL of the problems the O.E. thermostat causes. The Hot Diesel Solutions Model 001 engine thermostat assembly gets the R428 engine up to proper operating temperature even in the coldest months of the year, and that can definitely not be said of the O.E. thermostat assembly. The Model 001 is also cheap and easy to service because the removable cap allows the owner or a technician at a dealership to simply swap out thermostat valves.

The Model 001 uses thermostat valves from the Chrysler Hemi V-8 line of gasoline engines... they are common, easy-to-find, inexpensive, and will be produced for years to come. There are three different temperatures available, all with hotter opening temperatures than the O.E. unit.

I would appreciate feedback from dealers who service the Liberty CRD. I am simply gauging interest at this point, and can provide feedback to interested dealers from customers who have already purchased a Model 001.

I also joined DealershipForum.com to try and accumulate all of the specialized tools necessary for servicing the R428 engine. Apparently, there are no less than 4 cases of Miller Special Tools for performing tasks such as timing belt replacement, water pump replacement, etc., etc. I would like to get them all so I can service my own and my friends' CRDs, as well as research and develop other aftermarket products for this vehicle.

I hope to see your replies soon.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Allan Bauer
4J/1G Engineering
3727 - 117th Street N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6J 1S5

Tel: 1-780-434-2324
Mobile: 1-780-844-0135
E-mail: INTCOMBUSTION2@hotmail.com

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Jeffery - thanks for creating an Introduction Thread.

To be clear, I allowed Jeffery to join DealershipForum because he contacted me in advance and indicated he was working on a product that would help support the CRD Diesel Engine in the Jeep Liberty. Essentially it's one small business owner trying to help another. (Google surfs DealershipForum everyday which will help Jeffery and Auburn Hills makes regular visits too.)

If you're reading this post and you're a CJDR Dealer it would be great if you could help Jeffery get the Jeep Liberty Special Tools he's looking for.

If you're reading this post and you're a Service Manager who's frustrated with the OEM thermostat on the CRD Jeep Liberty, you might want to contact Jeffery and learn more about his product.

If you're an owner of a CRD Jeep Liberty and you're frustrated with the OEM thermostat, Jeffery has provided his contact information so you can get in touch with him or have your CJDR dealer get in touch with him,

If you work for FCA and you're reading this thread, is it true that the OEM thermostats fail about every 36,000 miles? If so, maybe it's time to find a better solution.

On a final note, DealershipForum does not warrant or endorse any products. Potential buyers should do their own due diligence.
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