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Default I test drove an Explorer and Edge at Barrett-Jackson - Scottsdale

While I was at the Barrett-Jackson auction is Scottsdale I figured I stop by the test-track area they had set up and check it out. When I was in Las Vegas I test drove a Chevrolet Volt and took a hot-lap in a Corvette so I figured I'd check out what Ford had to offer this time.

I arrived just before they were closing down at 5:00 p.m. and there was hardly any line at all. Like the GM process, the Ford process requires that you blow into a Breathalyzer and sign a release. Unlike the GM process, Ford only verifies your Drivers License is current (GM scans your Drivers License) and they don't request your email address.

Concerning the Explorer and the Edge, they were both powered by the same engine - a four cylinder, twin turbo EcoBoost. I was very impressed with the engine; it was so smooth that when I first started it I turned it back off because I didn't realize it was running. (Both vehicles had a push button start/stop button.)

Although the test track was short the power of the EcoBoost engine was surprising and it seemed like it would be more than adequate for everyday driving.

On a final note, the interior and instrument panel of both vehicles were exceptional. It seems like all of the domestics OEMs have been working to improve their interiors and Ford's done a great job.
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Smile Took a Hot-lap in the Ford Mustang Track Car

The people who test drive a production Ford vehicle are offered a chance to take a "hot-lap" as a passenger in a Ford Mustang. Ford was running Shelby Mustangs and one of their Track Cars that they use for their drifting demonstrations.

Most of the people in line in front of me wanted to take a lap in the Shelby so I jumped at the chance to take a lap in Ford's Track Car. The Track Car was equipped with a roll cage, competition seats and a four point harness - they even required the passenger to wear a helmet.

Needless to say, I had a great time. The only downside is the test track in Scottsdale is shorter than the one in Las Vegas which limits how far the driver can push the vehicle.

Bottom line: I'm sure Ford and GM spend a ton of money running the test tracks at Barrett-Jackson but in my opinion it's money well spent. I have a much more favorable opinion of the vehicles I've driven (Volt, Explorer and Edge) and unlike reading about vehicles on the Internet, actually testing them leaves a lasting memory.
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Default The 2012 Ford Escape sure looks old

After testing the 2012 Ford Explorer and Ford Edge I couldn't help but notice how old the 2012 Ford Escape looked - it looked like it was from a completely different generation.

The good news is Ford has a new version of the Escape for 2013 and it was on display at Ford's section at Barrett-Jackson. The 2013 Escape looked really good and it definely borrows styling ques from its bigger siblings.

I still think Ford's making a mistake by killing off the Ford Ranger but other than that it looks like life must be good to be a Ford Dealer right now.
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