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Default And just like that Chrysler isn't a parent company any more.

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Originally Posted by steve_biegler View Post
I would argue that Chrysler hasn't been a parent company for a long time now, at least independently, but I get what you are getting at.

To me, the Stellantis logo is one of weakest, lamest corporate emblems I have seen in a long time. FCA is a little better and DaimlerChrysler was even better than that, but this goes to show just how much stronger and more enduring the pentastar of the late Chrysler Corp. was. Such a shame

I guess we'll see what Stellantis brings to the table this next decade, but I have a feeling there will be a lot of changes on the FCA side as time marches on. I would not be at all surprised to see the Chrysler nameplate eventually disappear by 2030. Stellantis is made up of mostly weak automotive brands that need investment and right now Chrysler is one of the weakest brands in its portfolio. I'm sure Stellantis will give it the good old college try when attempting to fix Chrysler, but over time, there is only so much money and good-will a company can afford to pour on its brands - and Stellantis has a boatload of them right now (14).
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