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Unhappy R.I.P. - Dealerships Closed in 2008

Sadly, most experts predict that 2008 will be a challenging year for the U.S. Auto Industry.

Accordingly, 2008 is certain to be a year that witnesses the closing of a number of Dealerships - either through consolidation or bankruptsy.

This post will catalog the New Car Dealerships that closed in 2008. An opportunity to discuss each Dealership's closing, and perhaps learn from it, will be provided in the Regional Sections of this Forum. (Click on the name of the Dealership to be directed to the thread that provides more information/discussion)
  1. 01-04-08 - Corson Cadillac/Jeep - Hyannis, MA - Dealership Closed - Toyota Dealer to expand into location
  2. 01-04-08 - Neilsen Dodge City - Gary, IN - Dealership Closed - Facility status undetermined
  3. 01-16-08 - Patsy Lou Williamson Chevrolet - Flushing, MI - Dealership Closed - Facility to be vacated
  4. 01-17-08 - Bud Wolf Chevrolet - Indianapolis, IN - Dealership Closed - Facility to be vacated
  5. 01-28-08 - Lia Kia - North Hampton, NY - Dealership Closed - Dealer's Toyota Franchise to expand into location
  6. 01-28-08 - Champion Ford - Boulder, CO - Dealership Closed - Facity status undetermined
If there's a Dealership Closing that should be added to the list please send a Private Message to XDCX with the necessary information and the list will be updated. (Non-members can send an e-mail via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the Home Page.)
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Default Criteria for Dealership Closure List

Guidelines for Dealership Closure List:
  • The Closing Date is the date the Dealership first closed its operations to retail customers. Dealerships that recover and resume operations will be removed from the list.
  • Dealerships with multiple franchises will be counted as one closing - not one closing per franchise. If the Dealership had multiple locations with multiple managers then each closing will be counted separately.
  • Buy/Sells and other transfers are not considered to be closing and will not be cataloged.
  • Dealerships that remain closed for 60+ days will stay on the list if they are re-opened under different ownership.
Additional guidelines will be added based on circumstance and member feedback.
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