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CL Pgh
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Default New Journey

This is the first set of good pics on the new Journey that I've seen. We're in the middle of yuppie-ville (only older now) and we've done decent Pacifica & Journey numbers for years. I can use this unit! There's around 40 pics linked in the article, which is a good read... but jump to the interior shots. They did well on this one!

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It looks like a less extreme version of the Cherokee. Family hauler vs. rock crusher. I kind of like it. *gasp*
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I remember Ralph Gillies saying that Chrysler was going to relaunch this vehicle, because it did not get a proper introduction to the consumers with which ever Parent company First introduced this vehicle.
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CL - thanks for the post.

I agree the revisions to the Journey look great and I also agree with Ohio's comments that the OLDCO version of Chrysler did a horrible job launching the Journey when it was new and most Americans don't even know it exists.

That said, I think the Journey still might get lost in a "Alpha" dealership. To a large degree the Journey, Caravan, T&C, Grand Cherokee and Durango are all competing for the same customer. Granted the GC isn't a minivan, but there's still a lot of overlap among those vehicles.
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