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Default Interesting editorial about Marchionne's leadership so far

I thought I'd post a link to an interesting editorial I read in the Detroit News concerning Marchionne's leadership so far - click here

I think the editorial provides a great re-cap of where Chrysler's been and questions where it's going.

I think this excerpt says it all - "Chrysler has been a cash incinerator for the past decade, helped by successive owners whose chief goal ended up being to milk the pentastar for all they could get. Fiat stands to be the third such controlling force until it displays, by its positive actions, that it isn't."

This is EXACTLY how I feel. There's no question that Chrysler was abused by Daimler and Cerberus and I won't be convinced that Fiat is any different until I see some actions that indicate to the contrary. Currently, the fact that Marchionne refuses to invest any cash into Chrysler is the action that speaks the loudest.

I also felt the editorial's comments about GM's agenda and President Obama were right on.
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