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Default How long would you accept?

We had a guy come in today trying to return a $50 core on a wheel he had bought, at first he did not have the receipt so I told him I couldn't do anything without that, then he comes back with the receipt and it is from October of last year, I just told him that it was not eligible for a return after 30 days which is on the receipt, he got all pissed off, seriously 8 months, how long would you guys allow for a core in that situation, I feel that the time was excessive.
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As long as he has a good box, and a receipt up to a year.

It was excessive, but the bad will he can spread around town will cost you. You're getting your core money back from GM, so you're not out anything, really.
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WHAT??????? asking a customer to take personal responsibility??? Are you insane???

Of course I'm attempting humor. tn does have a point, way to many ways for these morons to give you a black eye. Social media has made it to easy for these people to become victims. I think the best thing is to point out you don't have to give him the core but you will because you are his friend and you want his business and his friends business. Even though you want to shove the wheel up his ...............

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yeah all valid points, I did forget to mention in the original post that the box was in horrible condition, looks like it had gotten wet sometime over the previous 8 months, the label was severely faded, etc. I guess I probably should've just given in in hindsight.
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I think on a core situation to give credit is the correct thing to do. However I would have also pointed out that we do not accept returns after 30 days. That way if you have a future transaction with the customer, he/she has been made completely aware of your return policy.
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