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Default U.S. Treasury plans to liquidate remaining GM shares for $10 Billion loss

Several news reports have detailed the U.S. Treasury's plans to liquidate their remaining equity in General Motors by the end of 2013. Here's a link to CNBC's coverage - click here

Experts indicate that once the U.S. Treasury divests their equity GM will be able to issue dividends and their executives will no longer be subject to compensation caps. Many experts also hope that the use of the term "Government Motors" will slowly fade away as a distant memory.

While most headlines suggest the taxpayers will lose $10 Billion on the GM bailout I'm confident the accounting only extends to the losses incurred on the NEWCO version of GM. The Treasury, White House and the automotive press seem to prefer that the taxpayers forget about the losses incurred on the OLDCO version of GM or the massive tax break that was afforded to the NEWCO version of GM.
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