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Default Welcome DealerLaw.com

I'd like to welcome DealerLaw.com to the forum.

DealerLaw.com is the website address for Bellavia Gentile & Associates, LLP - Attorneys at Law. Their website can be found here: DealerLaw.com

I've asked the firm's Senior Partner, Mr. Leonard Bellavia, to join this thread and provide us with more information about the services his firm provides.
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Default DealerLaw

It is a pleasure to be a part of DealershipForum. Many clients have alerted me to the value of this site. I look forward to contributing whatever I can as a dealer advocate.

By way of backround, my law firm limits its practice to the representation of franchised dealers in both the automobile and marine industries.

Personally, I am the Chairperson of the Litigation Section of the National Association of Dealer Counsel (NADC), an organization of 500 attorneys that represent auto dealers. I am also on the Board of NADC.

I was very active in the Chrysler and GM Bankruptcy hearings as well as the reinstatement arbitrations that followed. I represented the largest block of individual dealers in those proceedings.

It is my hope that based upon litigating over many years against the auto manufacturers, handling 100s of buy sells, and providing advice to many dealerships under our monthly retainer program, that I may be able to shed some perspective on the issues that arise on DealershipForum. While I am constrained not to give individualized legal advice on the Forum, I can certainly weigh in on topics of interest and hopefully point dealers in the right direction.

I am often invited to speak at Dealer Association events on current events in the industry. I am happy to share those type of discussions with DealershipForum members.

Our firm website is www.DealerLaw.com. Please visit to get more detail on our practice and the issues you may wish for me to address.

Again, thank you for the privilege of interacting with dealers. I grew up in an auto dealership household as my grandfather and father were old time GM dealers. In the late 1960's I was an "assistant to the assistant" in the make-ready department. Those days are never forgotten as they shaped my passion for the auto business and draw a sharp contrast for me when I walk into a factory meeting with a dealer client at my side, or cross examine a factory executive at trial.

I hope I can be of some support here and look forward to your questions and comments. Regards, Len
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Welcome to the Forum
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Welcome aboard! Glad to see a dealer advocate.

Since the BKs the OEMs seem more confident & aggressive in dictating terms.

There’s a good reason for franchise laws, OEMs had dealers by the short hair a long time.

The OEMs say our state has an attorney on every corner; well there probably are not enough hired guns to keep them straight.
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The StraightShooter
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Welcome to the forum.
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I'd like to say welcome as well. I'm sure you can provide some valuable insight to the membership.
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Old 11-10-2010, 10:29 AM   #7
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Len - Welcome to DealershipForum - it's great to have you and DealerLaw.com on the forum.

I had a chance to review the DealerLaw.com website last night and was impressed with your firm's practice areas. I didn't know your range of services included Dealership Succession & Estate Planning, Buy-Sell Transactions, Attorney General Advertising Guidelines, etc.

I also read the Press Release regarding the case against the U.S. Treasury. I know our members have questions concerning this case and I'd like to start a new "Question and Answer" thread to address some of these questions.
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I have a question not related to GM Chrysler Dealer Cuts, will Len answer those too?
Mine is employment related.

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Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post
I have a question not related to GM Chrysler Dealer Cuts, will Len answer those too?
Mine is employment related.
You might want to send Len a Private Message and see if he can offer some insight.

I know employment issues are listed on the DealerLaw website as Practice Areas but I don't know if Len's firm represents cases where the employee is the plaintiff.
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