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Default Price of new Hybrid Pacifica

We just received 2 of the New Chrysler Pacificas. The vehicles look great and you cannot tell them apart from the other units with the exception of the extra outlet on the side of the fender. There is only 1 problem that I see with this automobile. MSRP on this Pacifia Hybrid is $46985 and invoice is $46867 a difference of $118. I realize that transactional pricing for most people is around invoice, but how do we get people to believe that?
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I miss the car business in many ways but this sure isn't one of them. Who in the ivory tower could ever think this is a good idea? Unfortunately most of them. I now have more margin on a Yamaha TTR-50. A child's motorcycle.

I'd love to hear their enlightened explanation of that ridiculous margin. conn02 you are exactly correct, no one......NO ONE...will believe you. But what the hell, you are a car dealer, you lie all the time? Right? Hard not to think that with all the ridiculous margins, stair step programs, monthly quotas..........and on and on.

The current state of affairs is a shame. My Grandfather passed away in 1988. My father in 1994. Both running a successful Nash dealership (with all the changes to the line up until our final line Jeep) that was willed to Me at the ripe old age of 34, and hopefully willed to my son (if he truly had the ability and interest, and he does). Those men would not believe the state of the industry today. A shame really.

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we received one last year. had one looker, a prius owner. it was put on sales hold for a non obtainable recalled part. it sat for 4 mos. on sales hold. never had any other people bother to inquire about it. no calls, no digital, nothing. finally got rid of it via dealer trade, while still on sales hold for lack of the part.
this technology will take over the world next year?? i'm not seeing it.
$118 margin?? why bother?
oh, and the two charging station, and all the tools and cabinet, and the battery cart?
we'll make that up on all the full gross deals on those hybrids, right??
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the two that I received were my initial allocation (plus 1 more still in transit) and were supposed to be 17 models, but were transferred over to 18 while yours were still on sales hold, so I guess I was luck about that. the tools and charging station are like that new AC recharge machine that sat a year before being used
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I guess I was a lucky one -- my 2017 orders were never built for the same issue that there was a stop sale on your on ground units last year. I have had three 2018 Pacifica Hybrids so far, two sold units and one stock unit that turned in less than 30 days.

Of course the deals were short and the only justification for the short deals was the Pacifica being on the top-tier for VGP payout.

My guess is that the Hybrid tech is much more expensive than I think -- rather than have a higher MSRP and more markup for us, FCA has ensured that there is no money for either party in these cars deals.

The original plan on these units was for there to be no holdback but approximately $1,200 delivery allowance, but that plan was seemingly scrapped early on.

As for the Eaton level 2 chargers we didn't have expense this time around as we had three Mitsubishi-branded chargers installed for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and they are identical (other than the logo) so we got a pass from Auburn Hills. There are still the special service tools, though! At the current pace and average front end per unit we aren't going to be ahead any time soon, so we will just keep looking at it big picture I guess...
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