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Default Daimler looking to streamline Factory-owned stores in Germany

A Bloomberg report concerning Daimler's plans for their Dealer Network in Germany caught my attention for a number of reasons. (For a link to the report - click here)
Daimler plans to sell, close or consolidate some of their Factory-owned dealerships in Germany because they do not believe the current sales environment for new cars will improve in the near term.

Daimler benchmarks their independent dealerships and wants their Factory-owned stores to meet that level of performance.

Daimler owns about 10% of their dealerships in Germany - 144 stores out of a Dealer Network of almost 1,400.

Daimler's goal is to "... pursue a strategy of its own profitable sales organization within a strong, independent dealership network.
Is anyone surprised that Daimler doesn't see a rainbow on the horizon for the European economy? Is anyone surprised that Daimler's Factory-owned stores fail to meet the benchmarks established by their independent dealers?

Is anyone surprised that Daimler doesn't want to give up control and adopt a 100% franchise Dealer Network in Germany?
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