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The Fixer
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Default Business Choice

Does your dealership participate in the Business Choice program? If so, how does your sales team overcome the GM employee purchase customer, and move them into Business Choice?
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Default Bus/Choice

We do participate, but we hardly ever have an issue with this. Mostly businesses using the B/C program.
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CDJR store here... we do not participate in the FCA equivalent program called "Business Link." You can still take advantage of some of the customer perks for business sales even without being a full-on "Business Link" dealer, without having to stock a certain number of work-ready chassis, etc.
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No idea how to answer your question but I can add this...

Up until about a year ago, Business Choice was about the same as LPO. Parts made absolutely nothing. Now, parts depts actually order and are billed for the parts and in turn bill the sales department.

Much better now for us and we sell the parts at MSRP.
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