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Originally Posted by 57years View Post
If Apple goes into Manufacturing in U.S., I would be totally amazed. I could see them buy out Tesla, or manufacture overseas in an Alliance with Tesla or BYD. Is such a situation, all three as well as the Chinese Government would have cover.
It will be interesting to see if Apple ever decides to enter the automotive sector. There's no question that they are a company with a reputation for designing great products with intuitive interfaces. That said, I can't see how Apple could make any serious inroads unless the vision of the future is all cars become driverless and the public is willing to pay a premium for an Apple car because it serves as a fashion statement.

Concerning Tesla, I've read that Elon Musk approached Google when Tesla was on the ropes a few years back but they couldn't reach a deal. My hunch is that Tesla will face headwinds again and may be back in play. Time will tell.

Concerning the Chinese, I think it's just a matter of time before they become a major (disruptive) player in the U.S. car market. For that matter, I think Boeing and Airbus have to be worried too - I saw a picture recently of a Chinese prototype that would compete with a Boeing 737.
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"reverse engineering"
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