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Default Grand Cherokee delay


Sure makes you wonder when the money will run out. A move like this seems to reinforce the feeling that the company needs to find a partner soon, more for financial reason than for technical ones.

What do you guys think?
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I'm getting caught up and just had a chance to read the article in Automotive News.

While I thought it was interesting that the article, written by Reuters, touched on FCA's issues with quality, fuel economy and reliance on sub-prime buyers, I was most surprised by the comments about FCA's spending on Research and Development.

According to the article, FCA is spending less than a third of what GM and Ford are spending on R&D. That's likely the real reason the next Grand Cherokee has been delayed.

I remember at one point Marchionne was underfunding Chrysler's pension plans to generate cash - I wasn't aware he was underfunding R&D too.
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