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Default Looking for a quality adjustable engine stand.

This would be a shout out to all Dealership Forum Members..

I am conducting research into and development of serviceable aftermarket engine thermostat assemblies.

As such, I require a quality engine stand that is adjustable. I discovered that the following stand is what I am looking for and I am wondering if any current or former auto dealer in the U.S. or Canada may have this stand or a similar high quality, adjustable engine stand for sale...


Stands like these are typically only in professional shops like dealership service departments. You can not find these stands at a department store or an auto parts store.

Any responses can be made to this thread, through a private message to me, or my e-mail address.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Best regards,

Jeff Bauer
4J/1G Hi P.E.T.

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