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Default Dealership awarded $1.5 Million judgment in libel case

News reports indicate that Clay Nissan of Norword received a $1.5 Million judgment resulting from a case where they incurred damages as a result of two brothers who used social media and other tools to defame the dealership.

The judge ordered that the actions of the two brothers, who picketed the dealership and used social media in an effort to damage the dealership's reputation, were libelous and caused harm to the dealership. The brothers had claimed that Clay Nissan fired their sister once management learned she had cancer and further claimed the dealership had a history of such actions. The court case proved neither accusation to be true.

Here's a link to the news report - click here

Granted, I doubt there's much chance the dealership will ever see a dime of the judgment but I think it serves as a good reminder that customers/employees with grievances against a business must be truthful when they express their story or they may face libel charges.
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