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Default 2016 Volvo XC90

I know that I have been critical of Volvo in some of my posts on here... but Volvo was the first OEM I ever worked with, so it still has a near and dear place in my heart.

The original XC90 bowed 11 or 12 years ago at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit... can't remember if it was 2001 or 2002. After problems including one of the first boatloads of XC90s coming to the USA sinking in the UK, the vehicle had a pretty good run. Even if, like much of the Volvo lineup, it became stale.

I think the new 2016 XC90 is a pretty phenomenal vehicle. Excellent equipment for the price for the class (ever option is less than a sparsely optioned Range Rover Sport or X5). The build quality looks like it will be there... and all of the North American engine options will be 2.0-liter forced induction affairs (turbocharged and supercharged on the T6 models, supplemented with an electric motor on T8 models). That might be a bit of a gamble, but it looks early press on the other twin-charged Volvos has been pretty positive.

What do you all think? Here's a link with some pictures of the First Edition... limited to 1927 units, all spoken for already. I may be a little biased, and I may be one of the future owners of one of the first units, but I think this look should stand the test of time.

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As a owner of a 2012 XC90 i can say that I am really excited about this. Eventhough the XC90 platform had aged it was one of the better driving vehicles out of all of the others we tested. What really needed updating was the electronic architecture. This they appear to have accomplished. If the driving characteristics remain the sale or better they will have a winner.
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Yes, I'm excited for the 2016 XC90 as well. In fact, when the XC90 first launched I was at a Volvo store. The sad thing is that, even six years after I left the Volvo world the XC90 is still largely the same. The nav system that was nice 10 years looks crazy, Bluetooth wasn't standard until 2009 and the radio control are the same as they were at the Detroit Auto Show launch 11 years ago. Even the old body style still looks great on the outside, but on the inside it was just a hodge podge of quick fixes for aux in, bluetooth streaming, satellite radio, and everything else that became commonplace after the initial XC90 launch.

In fact, I'm so excited for the 2016 XC90 that I have ordered one of the initial 1927 units... deliver schedule for April-ish next year.
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