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Default AutoStar Superstore?

OK, hopefully this is not an inappropriate thread.....but has anyone been approached by, or made contact with AutoStar about converting their operations?.

We actually got a brochure from them back in August, while we were in the middle of our own "transition" to Used Car operations. While we had already reorganized our personnel, and swapped out Reynolds for Arkona, there were still plenty of things left to do.

The AutoStar operation sounded somewhat interesting, so I filled out the qualifying application and sent it in. I heard nothing from them until just yesterday, when I got a call from Ken Zangara stating that he would like more information, and that our area was still open.

Now, I'm sure that most of you have at least heard of this company, and of some of the management and board members. I had heard of most of them, but I wanted to see if I could find out more about Ken Zanagra (ex auto dealer with some pretty good self proclaimed accolades).

Now, I'm a reasonable and opened minded guy. And I know that the internet can allow people to be somewhat openly harsh with their new found freedoms. But a Google search of Ken Zangara left me thinking "WOW". The more I read, the more disappointing he became.

I'm just not sure how a start up company such as AutoStar would want such a guy heading up the program. I'm not here to judge, tho. Just thought I'd ask if anyone else is in the process of talking to, or applying, and what their feelings might be.
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