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Default GMAC courts dealers of all makes

Get Ready Gang - GMAC is no longer for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram dealers, GMAC is starting to court every other make and model b/c of it's a bank holding company.


My GMAC rep. told me about this yesterday. Just think about that wait time now. It takes longer then Chrysler Financial did and CF was fast for me.

PS GMAC is also now on Dealer Track.

Official Press Release from GMAC : http://media.gmacfs.com/index.php?s=43&item=385

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What great news! America is really a great place if your poorly run financially distressed bank holding company. However if you are rejected unsecured stakeholder who had adequate capital and credit, well that's a different story. Floorplan? Forget about it. Wanna sell their paper? Forget it, we don't do business with indepedents. GMAC, Chase, PNC, BofA, all TARP recipients dropped me like I had a raging case of herpes in June. The best part is I never stiffed anyone for a penny, and yet these banks would have been insolvent without MY tax dollars. Behind every great fortune their is a crime. These banks are nothing but whores and Scumbags.
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It seems to me that GMAC has their hands full just trying to take care of the GM and Chrysler dealers. Do they really have the manpower and the capital to go out looking for more retail business?

My bet is this initiative is largely "spin." GMAC is no longer a captive lender and they need to appear that they're accepting business from all dealers just like any other bank.

On another note, this sure looks like a victory for DealerTrack. Is Toyota the only captive that still uses Route One exclusively?
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FMCC is still exclusive to Route-one to the best of my knowledge, in fact my rep was here last week and chastised me for submitting deals via dealer track as ford wasn't getting a look at them and since Route One is owned by the captives, he wants us supporting Route One, not Dealer Track.
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