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Default Chrysler Trial Starts Dec. 3rd


I can't wait...this should be interesting! Wouldn't it be cool if the national press picked up on this.
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I agree, I think the case will be very interesting.

While I'm clearly not a lawyer, the part I think is most intriguing is Chrysler will not be able to hide behind their OLDCO shield. All of the issues referenced in this case deal with decisions/actions made by the NEWCO version of Chrysler and there are no shields which limits the plaintiff's ability to collect damages.

I also think it's interesting that the AN story indicates Chrysler has reinstated (or they're working with) approximately 60 OLDCO dealers. That statistic doesn't align with what we've tracked in this thread - click here

I'll send Jamie LaReau an email message and ask if Chrysler's willing to provide a list of the 60 OLDCO dealers they're reinstated. In the past it's my understanding that Chrysler's refused to provide a list.
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