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Default Chrysler closes M.I. Dealership in Jackson, Mississippi

News reports indicate that Chrysler closed one of their factory owned M.I. dealerships in Jackson, Mississippi.

The dealership, Action Chrysler Jeep Dodge, survived the transition to NEWCO but closed down today due to economic conditions. The TV coverage included an interview with the area's largest Dodge dealer who was terminated as part of Chrysler's Chapter 11 filing.

It seems ironic that Chrysler would wipe out their largest Dodge dealer in the market and then close their M.I. CJD store six months later.

Here's a link to the news report - click here

An earlier report indicated that the dealership was one of 12 factory owned M.I. stores Chrysler had throughout the country. That information was removed from the updated story.

On a final note it was unclear what the future would be for the dealership. The report indicated Chrysler was looking for private buyers but it wasn't clear if Chrysler was looking to fill an open point or just sell off the real estate.
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Default It appears that Chrysler wants a new dealer

Another news report indicates that Chrysler is looking to sell their former M.I. dealership to a private capital dealer. Initially it was unclear if they just wanted to sell the real estate or keep the location as an open point.

Here's a link to the latest news report - click here

I'm really surprised that Chrysler would close down a Minority Dealership and then offer to sell it to private capital dealers. I remember there was a time when 100% of all Chrysler open points had to be awarded to Minority Dealers to achieve self-imposed diversity goals.
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