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Default 2015 Super Bowl Commercials - Ranked from #1 to #61

2015 Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is one of the very few events where I don't use Tivo to fast-forward through the commercials. While I was disappointed to see the Seahawks lose it was still an enjoyable game and I believe the 2015 game had the highest TV ratings of any Super Bowl.

Concerning the commercials, here's a list of all the Super Bowl commercials ranked from #1 to #61 - click here

The rankings were compiled based on the opinion of 7,000 panelists and if you click the "Details" link you can see how the commercial was ranked based on various demographics - e.g. gender, age, income, etc.
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While I agree with the #1 Budweiser "Lost Dog" ranking I'm not sure I agree with some of the other results.

I did like the Fiat/Viagra commercial, but I didn't think it was the #3 commercial overall and while I somewhat liked the Dodge/100 commercial, I'm not convinced that it's going to sell any cars. (Do people buy a brand because it's 100 years old or do they buy a brand based on its image?)

I really disliked the BMW/Today commercial, but that's mostly because I've never liked the Today hosts and their mindless dribble and I think the BMW i3 is mis-branded. In my opinion the i3 is too ugly to be branded a BMW and should have been branded as a Mini or some offshoot of the Mini brand.

I thought the Chevrolet Colorado commercial was awesome because I really did think the network was having technical difficulties and then watched the commercial to see who I was duped by.

I also liked the Lexus commercial with the RC cars - I was watching the game with my Dad and I had to replay the commercial to convince him the first cars in the commercial were RC cars.

Right or wrong, those are my opinions. Anyone else surprised at the ranking of the best/worst Super Bowl commercials?
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Default Jeep Renegade or Kia Sorrento....

I thought it was interesting that both Jeep and Kia used the Super Bowl to highlight future product but they took very different tactics.

With the Kia commercial you knew immediately what company paid for the commercial and what product they were advertising. The Jeep commercial, by contrast, mostly kept the identity of the company and the product they were advertising cloaked until the end of the commercial.

For me, I preferred the Kia commercial to the Jeep commercial - mostly because I think the Kia commercial will do more to create brand awareness and generate sales.

I didn't hate the Jeep commercial, I just wonder what percentage of the audience knew Jeep was advertising a new model?
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This is the one Subaru should have run.....we've all been there.

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Dogs and Cats are the bomb!
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The two best would have to be the Trejo and the Brady
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One commercial that I thought was interesting was Budweiser's commercial titled - "Brewed the hard way."

The commercial took shots at people who drink beer from the smaller/craft brewers as being lesser men. It made fun of guys who were sipping their orange flavored beer and made it clear that real men drink Budweiser.

The commercial reminded me of the one that I think Mitsubishi ran several years ago that strongly suggested that only lesser men drive minivans. (The commercial showed a guy working out in a gym when the overhead paging system calls out looking for the owner of a minivan in the parking lot that still had its lights on.)

Essentially the concept is to vilify your competition - it seems to work in political advertising so I guess it must work in consumer advertising.
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