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Default Oil change packages

Seeing some dealerships offering a package of 4 oil changes for $69.99.
$69.99-5 quart conventional oil change
$139.99-6 quart synthetic oil change
$219.99-10 quart diesel oil change

Anyone else doing something similar? If so, how? Even selling the oil and filter for cost, there isn't much room for labor.

Looking for some ideas, don't want to buy the cheapest oil and oil filters on the planet.
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Loss leader to get them into the store more often then UPSELL UPSELL UPSELL!
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I know there is not going to be any profit and the hard upsell is going to be interesting especially on 2 year old vehicles with less than 30K on them. Sounds like they do less of the extras like cleaning windows and vacuuming than our customers are accustomed to.
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100% a loss leader to get people in the door. Being a recently reinstated point we are also in a similar situation, selling factory-advertised oil change packages to customers with cars that average 18 months old. Going into it knowing that there are limited upsell chances, but just trying to build customer loyalty at this point.
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