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Default ADp...CDK apointment schedule

Is anyone using the ADP/CDK service appointment tool? We currently are not, and our service department refuses to use it. Is the ADP/CDK system that bad?

Currently the SA's use a big pad on one of the service counters to write in appointments. But with doing this the way it was done in the 70's and probably prior to that, there is very limited information put on the schedule. Usually its a last name, and if your lucky it might say recall, or MB-4, LOF, or install SOP parts. Rarely is there any contact information at all written down.

I feel were in the stone ages with doing things this way.

Does anyone have another appointment scheduling that they are using?

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We try to use it, but it's yet another FAIL on Drive. ADP/CDK, whatthehellever, builds software that doesn't work, and their trainers don't have a clue. We use a 3rd party lead provider, and it doesn't talk to CDK at all, so you have to manually enter all the appointment information.

I had someone chide me on another forum about my bitching about ADP/CDK, telling me I just needed more training.....

I had 2 weeks of preinstall training, half of which was useless because they changed the software. We had trainers here for 10 working days during the install. One guy showed us one way to do things one day, his female partner told us that was wrong and retrained us on HER way the next day....both were wrong.

We insisted on further training - ADP sent out a team of their best of the best. They trained us on a completely different way of doing things, and that doesn't work right either.

Sorry, not sure it that is helpful, but in the end, yes, using pencil and and an old style appointment book is heads and shoulders above using the appoinment function in Drive.
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we have started to use the CDK appointment as of a week ago. The Service manager entered the technicians as SA's and is using it more like the desk top apt. board. So far its working ok.
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