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Default NEWCO Dealer attacks OLDCO Dealers with "Buyers Beware" ad

In the category of "Let's kick them when they're down..." Boerne Dodge Chrysler Jeep wins this week's award with their recent advertisement.

The dealership ran a newspaper advertisement that's meant to look like a news report. It features the headline - DEALERSHIP CLOSINGS - BUYERS BEWARE.

The ad then lists 15 paragraphs explaining why customers shouldn't buy vehicles from dealerships which are closing, but should instead purchase their vehicles from Boerne Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

While the whole ad is deplorable, here's the part that caught my attention: "Buyers should be wary about purchasing from dealers facing termination. Several problems can arise for a consumer when a dealer faces cash flow issues, struggling sales, and/or poor customer satisfaction. These are the primary reasons behind the termination of most of the franchise agreements."

For a NEWCO dealer to be attacking an OLDCO dealer in their final days just strikes me as low class.

I've always believed in the virtues of "good karma" and while I don't wish "bad karma" on anyone, it appears that Boerne Dodge Chrysler Jeep is asking for it by the truckload.

Here's a PDF copy of the advertisement:
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File Type: pdf NEWCO attacks OLDCO.pdf (139.7 KB, 53 views)
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That just makes me sick - especially being from a fellow Texas dealer. As a consumer, I'd be wary of buying anything from someone who'd stoop to those kinds of tactics.
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Yeah, we have had NEWCO dealers tell people customers their "tax" deduction put into law by the Big "O" last Feb will be null and void if they but from an OLDCO store...
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Dammit - this just makes me want to puke. Talk about adding insult to injury. Oldco dealers have enough problems without other dealers doing this. I hope karma gets people like this in the end.
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I think I'll hit his website he lists there with some friendly mail!

Guys like that give car people a bad name...

As X says, Karma, he'll get a huge dose in the future...
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I agree with the comments posted above.

Part of me wonders if the dealer created this ad or if it's something sold by an advertising agency? It has the "feel" of one of those fill-in the blanks press releases.

Concerning the dealership, I checked out their website and noticed they have over 400 new vehicles in inventory - they must be a pretty big volume dealer. I also noticed they had a ton of 2008 Sprinters - I wonder if GMAC is going to honor CF's policy and exclude those from curtailment?

I've got to bet there are a number of Texas OLDCO stores that wouldn't feel sorry for this dealer if he was forced out of business by GMAC.
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Reprehensible! This dealer’s business ethics could be written on a postage stamp. I believe telling customers anything negative about another dealer is always a mistake.

Btw, The terminated dealers in our area are having their best sales month in years. One has sold almost as many this month as they sold all of last year.
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Disgusting! I agree, this kind of practice gives car guys and gals a horrible name.
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Has anyone called this anal cavity and given him a piece of there mind yet ?
I will. As a Christian I am supposed to turn the other cheek, well that slap in the face to all of us OLDCO's still has my head spinning. I recomend using *67 when dialing.
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