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Default Elio may be almost to the end.


Doesn't look good!
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More info.
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Thanks for posting the information concerning Elio.

As I recall, Elio still had a display booth at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale this year even though they were on the brink of death.

It was interesting to read that Elio has collected refundable and non-refundable deposits from 65,000 people - I think that's amazing. I'm guessing that even those who have a "refundable" deposit will likely never see much more than a few pennies on the dollar.

I doubt Elio has much value to any other OEM - at this stage of the game it seems a high efficiency internal combustion powered vehicle is wrong answer at the wrong time. (I'm buying into the theory that $25 oil is in the future and people who want an efficient vehicle are going to favor electric over gas from this point going forward.)
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