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Default Beware RetailMakr

I've used RetailMakr for years and I my accounting department made me aware 3 months ago that they were past due. I stopped filling their orders and I started to contact the company and no one would return my emails or phone calls. I finally got an email from a sales guy saying that our inventory has not been updated and they noticed a sales drop. I call the guy and get right thru. I explain the reason I haven't updated the inventory is because you are past due over 5 months, by this time, and you owe us money. He gives me another guys email and thats the last I heard from them.
Not sure if anyone else is running into this, but beware. They were paying perfectly fine and we had a good thing going then it's like a light switch shut off 6 months ago. They kept sending order, but no longer paid for them.
Has anyone else ran into this?
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