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Default Adesa versus Manheim - Which Auction Company do you prefer?

I've been attending some Adesa and Manheim auctions in both Phoenix and Las Vegas and have enjoyed trying to sort out the differences.

While there are probably many more similarities than there are differences, I have noticed that there are a few differences that favor one Auction Company over another.

I'll add my thoughts to this thread as my opinions evolve and hopefully others will share their thoughts on what they like and also what they dislike about each Auction Company.
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Default I prefer the Bidding Screens they use at Manheim

While both Auction Companies have bidding screens in the lane that show information about the vehicle being sold I tend to prefer the Manheim screens over the Adesa screens.

I like that the Manheim screens show how many bidders are online and they also show if the seller has a representative watching the auction - either onsite or online.

The Manheim screens also show two values - the current bid and the next bid the auctioneer is seeking. If my memory is correct the Adesa screens only show the current bid the auctioneer has on the vehicle.

I also think the Manheim screen shows more information as it relates to the vehicle - engine info, trans info, etc.
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I have always liked Manheim, and still use them today.
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we buy all online.
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