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Default A tale of two rental cars....

I had a chance to rent a couple of cars from Enterprise over the past few weeks and I thought it was interesting to compare each experience.

I rented a 2016 Hyundai Elantra GT in Chicago and I was thoroughly impressed with the car. I was told I was only the second or third person to rent the car and it had less than 700 miles on the odometer.

I was impressed the interior of the car - the switch gear and the cloth used on the seats seemed more "high end" than I would have expected in a Hyundai. The car ran fantastic and I was able to pair my Droid Maxx to the Bluetooth sound system in just a few minutes - it was so easy I didn't even have to read any instructions.

The second car I rented was a 2014 Kia Rio from an Enterprise Branch location in Phoenix. The car had 34,000+ miles and was a bit rough. The Enterprise Rep was very thorough but I was surprised at how much damage a car could have before they would list it on the rental agreement. Any scratch that could be covered by a Dollar Bill or a dent that was smaller than a golf ball didn't count. Also, any scratch that didn't reach the primer coat didn't count.

While I wasn't too surprised to see that the 2014 Rio didn't offer a Bluetooth enabled sound system I was amazed that it didn't offer cruise control. I bet I spent 10+ minutes looking for the cruise control switch-gear before I concluded the car was built without that option.

Frankly, I thought ALL new cars had cruise control these days - I would have lost money on that bet.
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One other difference that I thought was interesting was the fact that the Enterprise Branch locations don't necessarily rent their vehicles with a full tank of fuel.

They use the "match" concept where you're expected to bring the vehicle back with the same level of gas that it showed on the fuel gauge when the vehicle was rented - in my case a half tank.

It wasn't a huge deal but I still thought it was odd. The Enterprise Rep explained to me that unlike the airport locations, the branch locations didn't have the staffing to keep the fuel tanks of the cars filled up.
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